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Islamic Domination In South Caucasus During Umayyad and Abbasid Period
Early 7th century large-scale military conflicts took place between the Byzantine and Sasanian empires, they were two superpowers of time in Anatolia and Syria. The Iranians won the first stage of the war, the Byzantines lost Antioch, Syria, Palestine and Egypt. Shortly after, the Byzantine armies led by Heraclius counterattacked and defeated the Iranians with the help of the Khazars, who made an assault to the Caucasus. During these events, Muslims set up dominance under the leadership of Muhammad in Madina, the caliphs embarked on a rapid Futuhat period with his death. The most eminent Byzantine lands in Palestine, Syria and Egypt fell into the hands of Muslims. On the other hand, the Sassanid empire was demolished by Nihavend War. Thus, shortly after, a new force from the south -the Hejaz region- has participated in the domination struggle region between Sassanid and Byzantine. Soon, this new and energetic force, will try to infiltrate to Anatolia. During the Sassanian period a series of development activities and efforts took place to change the balance of population in the borderlines of Caucasus. Muslims are now behind them, they will be an essential element in shaping the history. With the help of sources in this article has been examined that after the fall of the Sassanid by Muslims, Muslims’ military activities and urbanization were undertaken in Azerbaijan, Nakhchivan and current Turkey's eastern border and also Georgians, Armenians and Albans’ relations with the Muslim conquerors in the southern side of the Caucasus will be discussed.

Islam, Umayyads, Abbasids, the Caucasus, Armenians

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