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The Impact of Medıterranean Trade And The Muslım World (III-IV/IX-X. century)
This study explores the activities of Muslims in the Mediterranean and the position of the Mediterranean for the slave trade in the IX-X. century. The study examines the impact of Mediterranean oriented trade activities on the Muslim world and the commercial ties between Abbasids and western world in the middle ages, too. The sources and researches related to Islamic geography and history have been used in the study. The explanatory narration have been preferred through the text. Muslims established very significant superiority in the Mediterranean during the IX-X. century. Muslim world was largely under the rule of Bagdad-centric Abbasids during that centuries. For the reason that Muslim world was a properous country during that centuries, entertainment sector also improved. Slaves from different regions of the world were bought, especially from the western and eastern Europe countries. Tradable slaves reached considerable amount in the Muslim world, especially in Bagdad. The study examines the importance of Mediterranean in the history under the chapter of General View to the Mediterranean Geography. The summary about early sea expeditions of Muslims, the interest of Muslims to the Mediterranean and the period of weakining of marine in the Muslim World is studied in the chapter called The Marine of Muslims and Mediterranean Sea. The activities of Muslims during that centuries is researched in the chapter called Abbasids and Mediterranean Slave Trade. The last chapter which called Slave Trade Routes, examines the route of slave trade in the Mediterranean sea, the employing fields of that slaves in the Muslim world, and the characteristics of Sakaliba slaves which were consists of from Slavic, and western and eastern Europe people.

Mediterranean, mercantilization, Slave, Sakaliba, Eunuch, Middle Ages, Muslim World.

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