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Islamic Scenes in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 21st Century
The state of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the Bosniak Muslims, since the withdrawal of the Ottoman Empire, lived within very difficult social processes under the regimes of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Serbian, Croatian and Slovenian kingdoms (SHS), the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, the Independent State of Croatia (NDH) and the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia which did not give them almost any kind of rights and freedoms, exposing them to the processes of imprisoning, abuse, oppression and genocide. Bosnian aloes, theologians, mudarris and imams resolutely continued their religious call despite all the repression and persecution. In spite of everything they experienced, Bosniak Muslims forced the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in recent years (after 1975) to recognize, although partially, the religious rights of Bosniaks Muslims. In addition, Yugoslav President Josip Broz Tito had very good relations with Egypt, India and Iran, and hence the religious education of young Bosniak Muslims began to take place in Egypt. In this regard, while approaching the nineties, new religious movements and ideologies that were not present before, were de facto noticed on the Islamic scene in Bosnia and Herzegovina. After the war of 1992-1995, the Wahhabi, Shia, Ahmed, and certain Dervish ranks began to operate in the society. However, much sooner, after the withdrawal of the Ottoman Empire from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Bosniak Muslims founded the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has exclusive authority to take care of the needs of Muslims and to deal with Islamic religious issues. Therefore, the Islamic Community, faced with the new religious movements and ideologies, was not satisfied only with the spoken and written words in order to understand Islam better, but it also implemented very important fetches and decisions, and called upon all religious organizations that do not operate under the Islamic Community of BiH to join the Islamic Community of BiH in order to preserve the Ummah unity.

İslamic Comunity İn Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vehhabism, Shia, Maturidi-Khanefi.

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