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Nurettın Topçu’s Crıtıcısm Of Scıence As An Ideology
In this article, Nurettin Topçu's science criticism as an ideology is examined. Technique (civilization) whose main purpose is to serve humanity and contribute to its happiness, by losing instrumental function has become, in the modern age, an objective which humanity runs after. The technique and machine that need to serve the human being have transformed in the hands of the power into an ideology and held human being captive by making him an object for itself. The technique, which is an absolute power in our time, has begun to encompass all the existence areas of people, especially nature. By pointing to the danger of these ominous developments, Topçu, on the basis of his cultural dynamics, taking the concepts of rebellion ethics, movement philosophy, tradition and culture as the center of his thought, has been in search of solution to the existing problems.

Nurettin Topçu, Ideology, Science, Technique, Civilization, Culture

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