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Escription of Hadith Memorizers According to The Traditionalists (Muhaddithin)
Abdullah b. es-Sıddîq al-Gumarî (1910-1993) who lived in the twentieth century, is also famous for being a scholar and a scholar of the jurisprudence which is considered as one of the most important hadith scholars raised by the Maghrib. In this study, the article "Rutebu'l-Hifz Inde'l-Muhaddithîn" published in al-Ğumârî's "Da'vetu'l-Hak" was translated into Arabic from Turkish. The translator has preserved the meaning of the original text and attempted to identify the source of the author's references. al-Gumarî found that the ones who are busy with the hadith in the article are mistaken for nicknames such as aspirants, authoritave source and ruler. According to him, such titles have been used only by those who do not have the knowledge of the hadiths. He said that, contrary to the known names of the hadith memorizers, it is owner of a chain of transmission (müsnid), the transmitter of Prophetic traditions (muhaddiths), müfîdh, hafidh and ameerul-Mu’mineen fil-Hadeeth/The Leader of the Faithful in Hadeeth. He then took these titles in detail

Hafidh/Protector, Muhaddith/Scholar of Hadith

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