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Use of Humor Method in Religious Teaching
Ability to make desired behavior change in the field of education it depends on the carefully selected and carefully crafted elements of the methodology involved in the training program. These elements can be created from the classical compilation, with changes in circumstances, it can be determined as a modern or unusual method that can meet different expectations. It is possible to add humorous method among the modern methods. Because when you look at the relationship between the art of humor and the imagination and creativity, it is understood to be a valuable teaching method for all education branches. Because it has a structure that develops high-level skills such as humor, meaning, analysis, critical and creative thinking, In this context, a number of studies have been conducted on the use of humor, especially in the field of social sciences. In the aforementioned researches, it has been reached that the humor is influential on the academic achievement of the students. As in all fields, student success in teaching religion, according to the development of thinking skills, there is a need for modern research into the development of this skill. This study on the use of humor in religious instruction has been prepared to answer this need. In this study, Divinity undergraduate students were selected as study group

Education, Religion teaching, Method of humor, Muslim humor.

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