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The İnscriptions on Stone During the Reign of Anatolian Seljuk İn Antalya
Due to importance of its geographical features such as abundance of water reservoirs, strong castle, fertile land, rich harbor with multinational business center and climate, Antalya had been the most strategic land to seize throughout history for every power seeking state. Antalya was conquered by Muslims during the reigns of Caliph Mütevekkil’s naval commander Fazl b. Karin who is originally Turkish and the city came under the rule of Abbasids for a short period of time until Great Seljuk Sultan Süleyman Shah conquered it in 1085. However, a little later Antalya fell into the hands of Byzantines in 1103 and remained under the rule of empire until the conquests of Seljuk Sultans in 1207, I. Gıyaseddin Keyhüsrev and in 1216, İzzeddin Keykavus. Although Ottomans recaptured the city from Seljuks in 1392, Antalya has been known as the land of Turks since 1216. Despite the conquests of Ottomans the city remained under the rule of Seljuks for almost 200 years and during this period Seljuks created a modern city in Antalya by building many historical artifacts such as mosques, madrasahs, dervish lodges, zawiyahs, Turkish hamams as well as a dockyard and a strong navy. Moreover, Seljuks also inserted stone or marble inscriptions to these buildings. This paper will be predominantly focusing on the original inscriptions of city wall, bastions and artifacts as a primary source built during the reign of Seljuk Sultans. This research will be based on critical analysis of the eight lost inscriptions; two epitaph and sarcophagus belong to the era of Anatolian Seljuk. Additionally, this research will compare the existing literature on the basis of reading and translating differences.

Inscription, Epitaph, Sarcophagus.

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