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In the Writings of Musa Süreyya "Future of Our Music”
There are many intellectuals who were educated in the last period of the Ottoman Empire and influenced the arts and culture policies of the Republic of Turkey. One of these is Musa Sureyya Bey. He have benefited from the important music masters of the time, especially his father Giriftzen Asım Bey and Musa Süreyya, who also made compositions in this field, also learned Western music at a good level. In state institutions, he taught both classical Turkish music and Western music. He also worked as a teacher and teacher at Darulelhan. He wrote articles and books in the field of music. In this study we will look at how Musa Süreyya sees the future of Turkish music through his two articles and we will try to determine his ideas about what needs to be done.

Musa Sureyya, Westernisation, music

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