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Two Elif-names İn Seyyid Suleyman Mahvî Divan
Elif-name, which has many examples in Turkish literature, is the name of the poem formed by the composition of aleph, the first letter of the Arabic alphabet and the Persian word that gives “letter, epistle, booklet” meanings. It is similar to the acrostics which is ranging from the first letter aleph and to the last letter of the Arabic alphabet. Elif-name has studied the themes of mesnevi, kaside, gazel in Divan literatüre; koşma, destan, and divan in Aşık literatüre; and tevhit, münacat, naat, methiye in Religous and Turkish Sufi literare. Religous and Sufi elif-names include themes suchas the unity and existance of Allah, pleading to him and poems prasing the prophet and his felleowmen of religous elderly. The elif-name by Seyyid Süleyman Mahvî, who lived in the XIX. Century, is an example of münacat by its subject. Setting forth his shortcommings and flaws the poet asks for forgiveness and hopes redemption in his elif-name. In this article, firstly, definition of Elif-name type is done and general information about elif-name’s is given. Before moving on to the main topic of the article, short information is given about the life and art of Sayyid Suleyman Mahvî. Later, the transcriptional text of the elif-nam’s in Mahvî's Divan is given and examined with respect to form and content.

Turkish-İslamic Literarure, Elif-name, Sayyid Süleyman Mahvî, Acrostics, Muvaşşah.

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