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Pagan Roots of Christian Trinity
Pagan Roots of Christian Trinity Abstract: Today, Christianity is the most common religion on earth. The proportion of those who follow this religion corresponds to about a third (32.8%) of the world's population. With a rough account, 2.4 billion people on the planet are believers of Christianity. It is an undeniable fact that the dominant culture that has shaped the world especially in the last two centuries is Christianity. Therefore, many people have become the believers of this religion thanks to the domination of scientific, artistic, military, cultural and technological superiority..The Christians’ most basic belief differ from the existing religions is trinity. Trinity is a complex belief system that defines the tripartite unity of God, expressed as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Although the Trinity is described by its followers as a triple union of different elements that have a divine characteristic, this union, especially for Muslims, is not considered a complete monoteism, but is considered a three-factor divinity, namely to attribute partner to God. So, how can a religion, which is the continuation of the Abrahamic tradition and the most accustomed in the world, be accused of being pagan? Does this most essential creed of Christianity have a completely original source, or is it a familiar belief element that has been found in India, Egypt, Mesopotamia and Levant for a long time? It is extremely important for this question to be answered. In our study, the trinity, which is one of the most controversial subjects of Christianity and belief history that has influenced billions of people since its birth, will be examined.

Keywords: Christianity, trinity, Jesus, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, pagan.

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