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Reactions Of The Muslim World To Ernest Renan’s Conference On ‘’Islam And Science’’
Ernest Renan, French philosopher, historian and researcher, was trained to become an ecclesiastic and lost his faith when he was engaged in natural science methods. His lecture given at the Sorbonne University on March 29, 1883 entitled “Islam and Science” caused sparking many controversies in the East and the West and refutations were written criticising Renan’s essay. In that lecture, Renan puts forward his argument in general that the religion of Islam prevented the progress of science and philosophy. Sheikh Cemaleddin Efganî was the first to pen a refutation of Renan’s essay. Apart from Efgani, many names such as Namık Kemal, Ali Ferruh, Emir Ali, Reşid Rıza, Celal Nuri and Ataullah Bayezidof tried to defend Renan's arguments by writing refutations. In my article, I will discuss about the refutations written by scholars in response to the Islam and Science lecture within the framework of Renan’s arguments.

Ernest Renan, Namık Kemal

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