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Moral Foundations Of Anatolian Nationalısm And The Constructive Role Of Education In Nurettin Topçu
Nurettin Topçu, as a moral philosopher, who joined the world of thought in the early period of the Republic is an important personality with an intellectual identity. Topçu’s Anatolian Nationalism is a structure that successfully harmonizes the nexus of the past and the future, focuses on mystical morality and existence body, transforms into a conservative and traditionalist nationalism with spiritual, mystical thought and Islamic characteristics besides its nationalist personality. In Topçu, morality is an integral part of Anatolian nationalism. He considers the resurrection of Future’s Turkey possible with moral evolution. Morality, it is the manifestation of the divine will passed down the ages with the legacy of the ancestors from a thousand years old and coming to the Anatolian people blessed by the life-giving in fluence of Islam. According to him, only from individual to society, the morality that encompasses every moment from science to art can be enough to take as the role of savior. Eternity sprouting in Anatolia and transmitting the best owing morality can only come to the life in youth by education. Education has the power to glorify or destroy nations. Topçu claims that, morality based on Islamic morality can only be built by, education with national characteristics, the modern school and by the conscious teacher who knows how to sacrifice himself/herself for the children of the country.

Anatolianism, Nurettin Topçu, Anatolian Nationalism, Moral, Education

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